Since the resurgence of the Coronavirus, 2020 could see Melbournians short of a couple hundred dollars. Yes you heard right - If you're caught without a face covering of some kind without a valid excuse, you will be fined. Just in case you've forgotten how much $200 is, we’ve decided to remind you of all the great things you could with that money - including our huge range of masks (that could have saved you the hassle in the first place):

Several Kmart air fryers

A trend that has never failed us, $200 could’ve bought you two and a half air fryers from Kmart. Is that enough though? Thats the real question.

5 Hemp face masks 

Instead of wearing a fine, wear a mask - Soft, strong and incredibly durable, our Hemp infused masks are perfect for everyday wear.

$200 worth of Tiger King Memorabilia 

One of the highlights of 2020, Covid-19 has made us realise how important quality TV is. Fill your house with Tiger King memorabilia - your friends will thank you. 

30 bottles of hand sanitiser
A quality investment - help stop the spread.

A lot of cake
July has seen a lot, most of it cake. Pair your face mask with all the cake you could ever ask for instead of a $200 fine.


Jokes aside - We will all most likely be living with COVID-19 until a vaccine is found. This means that we should ensure that we have measures in place that help to reduce the spread. Save yourself the hassle, save yourself $200 and just wear a mask. Shop our collection here.