It might be right in front of your nose, but the
CDC mask guidelines today are asking people to take another look at their masks. Results from a recent study revealed that certain masks are not as protective as we may think. 

With the highly-infectious Omnicron variant causing cases to soar, doctors and healthcare systems are asking the public to opt for more protective masks. We know that many people have chosen to use cloth masks for comfort and environmental reasons. Though somewhat safe, infectious disease specialists explain that single-layer cloth masks are only effective at blocking larger virus particles. 

Studies reveal that it takes as little as 27 minutes for Covid-19 to transmit between two people wearing cloth masks. This number only increases to 1 hour for two people wearing surgical masks. However, the
KN95 mask, designed to have a close facial fit and efficient filtration system, offers a staggering 25 hours of protection for both parties.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are guiding people to wear multi-layered, tightly woven cloth masks that have a wire nose bridge and sit snugly on the face. The KN95 mask offers the best protection but wearing both a surgical and cloth mask is the second-best option for children and people with facial hair.

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