What’s one new thing that you started/learnt during COVID?
Learnt - I learnt the art of slowing down a bit. During the lockdown, I went back to basics and enjoyed more time at home. I started to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Space and extra time enabled me to reflect on what I want out of my life and what my goals and values are. 

Started - I started running again! I used to be an avid runner and then joined a gym and completely stopped it. During the lockdown when all the gyms were closed I started to run again and realised how much I love it. I ended up training for a half marathon (unfortunately it was cancelled in the end!). 

How did you stay active during COVID?
I worked out at home and started running again! I found that working out with my mates on Zoom was super motivating. I downloaded the Strava app too which was really motivating to compete with your mates!

How did you get into your current role as a nutritionist? 
I got my role as a dietitian through networking; I met my current boss at a networking event and we got along so well. When I finished my degree she offered me a job in NSW.

How do you find having an online presence, can it be difficult?
I honestly love it! I love being able to connect with people and offer a safe and supportive space for people. It can be difficult at times, particularly when I don’t put my boundaries down. At the moment I treat social media as work and therefore try to avoid going on my phone before 8 am and after 6 pm (although sometimes this is very difficult!).

What makes you happiest in life?
Connecting with like-minded people, moving my body, eating good food, and living in line with my values.

Can you tell us a bit about your new work venture, Gut Started? 
I work as a dietitian at Gut Started. Gut Started is a small business with big ideas! We hope to use the platform and business to change the way nutrition and dietetics are done. At Gut Started, our motto is ‘to do differently - to think differently, to act differently and to ultimately make a difference.’ We believe in a world full of healthy and happy humans, free of ridiculous nutrition fads and falsities. A world where we can understand and implement healthy habits without feeling confused, overwhelmed or alone. Big things to come ;)

What’s your favourite part about having an online presence?
Being able to offer free support and education to people who may not be able to afford dietetic assistance. And being able to connect with so many like-minded beautiful people! 

What’s one of your favourite things about your job?
I love the difference I can make in someone’s life. Food is fundamental to life and being able to work collaboratively and empower my clients to nourish their bodies is so incredibly rewarding. 

What are some quick easy tips for someone looking to clean up their nutrition?

Don’t overcomplicate it. Focus on the little things. 

  • Are you eating enough vegetables? Fruit? 
  • Are you focusing on wholegrain over refined carbohydrates? 
  • Are you drinking enough water? 
  • Are you eating enough Fibre? 
  • Are you reducing red meat and increasing your plant-based foods? 

We often get so caught up in this idea that nutrition is complicated and we need to take supplements/powders/potions to optimise our health. More often than not optimising our diet is sometimes as simple as adding more variety, focusing on plant-based foods, and reducing processed foods, sugars, and added salts.  

Top tip for general gut health?
Fibre is king for good gut health! Many people are lacking fibre in their diet. One way to increase our fibre intake is to increase our plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes. 

Reducing alcohol, smoking, and stress are also factors that, although often overlooked, may negatively impact our gut health. 

What fitness product from Only Essentials could you not live without?
Biodegradable Jute Yoga Mat!