Wearing a face mask outside is to become the new norm, with face coverings now mandatory. Apart from a few varying reasons, you should be wearing a face mask at all times when you leave your home for essentials. Whether it be a disposable mask, medical mask, cloth mask, Hemp mask, or reusable face mask, you must ensure that you are wearing a face cover of some kind, properly, at all times. Properly? You may ask, How does one do that? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here is one of the correct ways to wear a mask:

  1. Wash your hands
    First of all, before touching your mask, clean your hands with soap or hand sanitiser.
  2. Inspect the mask
    Secondly, ensure that there are no rips, tears, or holes in your mask.
  3. Which side goes where
    After opening up the mask, make sure the coloured side of the mask is facing outwards and that the bendable edge is on the top, to go over your nose. 
  4. Adjust to fit
    Place loops over each side of the ear and adjust the mask over your nose, mouth, and chin to fit comfortably.


Here's how to remove a face mask easily: 

  1. Clean your hands, again!
    Clean your hands with either soap or hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
  2. Remove carefully
    Remove loops from ears, one by one. Try to not touch the entire mask in case it is contaminated. 
  3. Dispose or Wash 
    Can masks be reused? Yes - If reusable, wash in the washing machine with laundry powder and the warmest appropriate setting.  
    If disposable, please try to recycle products. If not, ensure that it's placed in a closed rubbish bin.

Regardless of the above, for the public, the most important part of wearing masks properly is comfort. The best ones are the ones that you can wear comfortably and consistently, without touching your face. Only Essentials offers 100% Australian owned, easy to use, comfortable masks made for everyday use.

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