Ah the mask, now part of our everyday outfit. And now apparently a reason why we need to update our skincare routine.

Mask Acne or ‘Maskne’ as the cool kids are calling it, is caused by irritation of the skin combined with dirt and oils.  Not having the proper mask and routine can lead to clogged pores and flare ups of acne, resulting in even more breakouts; especially as we come into warmer weather.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that cloth masks should be worn rather than medical disposable masks - the type of material used for masks really affects how your skin reacts and breaths. The best masks are either made of hemp or coffee yarn - all of which are breathable, soft and gentle on the skin.

Other methods to alleviate acne caused by masks include:  

Cleaning your face properly  
Always put your mask on over a clean face. Dirt can get trapped under your mask and can cause breakouts around the cheek and mouth area.
Wearing clean masks only
It's so important to wash your mask after every use. Dirt combined with bacteria will end up getting trapped on your mask, exposing you to that combo everytime you wear that mask.
Not reusing surgical masks
You cannot clean a surgical mask so ensure that you throw away your surgical masks instead of reusing - if you choose to wear one.
Stocking up on masks
The best way to avoid ‘Maskne’ is to make sure that you're always stocked up and have fresh masks available to wear at all times.

If you're looking for a reusable alternative, check out our Hemp and Coffee Mask range, which uses breathable fibres to help alleviate Maskne and reduce the burden on sensitive skin. We also offer Portable UVC Ultraviolet Disinfection Wands that can be used on masks to remove germs. Try it today - https://onlyessentials.com.au