Jump On This New Trend - Let’s Normalise Face Mask Wearing. 

It’s 2020, a global pandemic is upon us, almost 20 million have contracted the virus worldwide resulting in 729K deaths and only 12M recovered. Australia's economy alone is rapidly declining, with the hospitality sector seeing 70% of businesses forced to reduce the hours of their staff and 43% to either sack workers or place them on unpaid leave.

It’s real, it’s dangerous and it’s here to stay for upwards of 2 years.  It’s time we start normalising certain precautions, like wearing a mask, so we can help to reduce the spread, and possibly get out of this a whole lot quicker.

We are all creatures of habit. We follow trends, we order the same burger off the menu, sit in the same seat in our lectures and wake up at the same time every day. We like what we like and we don’t like change. COVID-19 has forced us to break our routines and slowly taught us how to adapt to a new world. Our lives have changed, and although nobodys happy about it, we must learn to evolve.

Victoria’s Dan Andrews has received a lot of push back when it came to restrictions, with many residents refusing to abide by lock down rules. This has led to a stricter, longer lockdown with mandated mask wearing, reiterating to Victorians that they need to learn to adapt or they will continue to be trapped indoors. If Victorians had just learnt to normalise hygienic practices, they may have not been placed into such a difficult situation.

By adopting this “trend,” Australians will in turn, lead the way for others, who will hopefully follow in our footsteps. We must adapt and normalise certain aspects of COVID-19, as we did with 9/11 and increased airport security or SwineFlu and the changes that came with that. It’s time we band together and learn to adapt to this new world, visit https://onlyessentials.com.au to help normalise mask wearing.